So I come over ya house and pick ya up to go to the movies. When we walk in ya catch a breeze from the air conditioning. So I give ya a hug from behind and walk wit ya to the seat in the theater. So we sit down in the back. And you bought some nachos. So we watchin’ the movie and having a good tyme. And you spill some nachos on cheese and it drips to ya tits. So I decided to get it with my tongue. I lick it up and you say oooooo. So I keep on lickin’ ur chest. I pull out ur left tit and caress the nipple. I can hear you heavy breathing as you exhale. I’m suckin’ ur tit as if I’m getting fed milk. You start to rub my head and moan quietly. You put the food down and push me to my seat. You straddle urself on top of me. You smile at me as you unbutton my pants searching for my bratwurst. You find it look at it and smile as if it was 30 dollars you found. So you slowly get on it as it slides in like a hot knife thru butter. You grind on me, relax ur mind and take ya tyme on me. Sex is intense. I pull you closer to me and cover your mouth because you moans is attraction people to turn heads. Some notice but we don’t care. Your grindin’, and gridin’, and grindin’. And I’m gettin’ deeper, and deeper, and deeper. You grab my hands and ya squeeze. I can feel ya climax’n wit every squeeze. Its like a contraction and I’m doing what it do. So you whisper” I’m cumin’, I’m cumin’, here I come.” Then ya yell ” oh yesssssssssss!!” and you whisper I love you and before I respond everybody started clapping. Some 1 shouted “you da man”. So ya slowly get off and button up ur shirt. 15 min later the movie is over and we all rise. As we leave, people say “you da man” and “damn girl you had fun.”